15 Days Vietnam

After Vietiane, I went to Hanoi, Vietnam. It is possible to do this trip by bus, but the bus journey takes over 24 hours and is, because of the road conditions, not very enjoyable. Because of that, I started searching for cheap flights when I was still in Thailand and luckily I found one. The flight just takes about an hour and therefore saves a lot of time compared to the bus trip and is a lot more comfortable as well.

Up until this summer, German citizen needed to get a visa before going to Vietnam. But since the end of July, Germans are allowed to enter Vietnam for 15 days without a visa. This is a great option, but it is also very tough to see Vietnam in only 15 days since the country is very long which results in long travel times. Because of my time constrains, I tried to make a somewhat accurate schedule beforehand with places I wanted to see and then also with how long I wanted to stay somewhere. The time I spend in Vietnam went by really fast, but I think I did a good job using my time properly. 

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