South Thailand

After my wonderful time in Cambodia, it was time to go back to Thailand. This time, I planned to explore the south of Thailand with its Island. I slowly had to make my way towards Kuala Lumpur from where I would eventually fly to New Zealand. On my way south, I had to stop in the place where I started my whole trip; in Bangkok. Since my first impression of Bangkok wasn't the best, I wanted to stay in a different part of the town. My hostel was in chinatown and I tried to avoid all the touristy areas, like kao san road and the big temples. Even though, I preferred this part of Bangkok, this won't become my favorite city. Of course, there was lots of good food in chinatown and the business district is pretty close by as well. I spend my day walking around the business district, eating some lunch with locals and then spending some time in a cafe full of students. Walking through the business district, I barely saw other tourists and no street vendors trying to sell me something every 10 meters.

Street Food in Bangkok
Street Food in Bangkok

Going South

Originally, I had planed to visit one or two islands in the golf of Thailand. But unfortunately, November is the month with the most rain and I didn't really wanted to get stuck in the rain while being on an island. Luckily though, Thailand has lots of islands and another coast with better weather during that time. So, I decided to go to Ko Lanta first and make the rest of the plans from there. In order to get to Ko Lanta, you have to go down to Krabi first. I was thinking of taking a Bus, but after researching the price and also looking for possible flights, I found an one hour flight that was actually cheaper than being on the bus for the whole day. So, of course this was an easy decision and I booked my 16€ flight down to Krabi. I spend one day in Krabi itself. Krabi isn't really anything special. At night, they had the Loi Krathong, which is a lights festival all around Thailand. Supposedly, it is the most beautiful in Chiang Mai. The whole day, you could already see the preparations for the festival and at night they put little boats with candles in the water.

Krathongs for Sale
Krathong in the water
Krathongs in the water

Ko Lanta:

Ko Lanta is, in comparison to other Thai-Islands, very relaxed and quite. My hostel was super nice and a great place to hang out and just a few steps from the beach. I went on a snorkel tour during my time on the island, but mostly spend my time relaxing at the beach.

sunset in koh lanta

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